Kawasaki 350 2 stroke

No Point Waiting Till Then Newman Wins. Rich Piano. Never try to argue with idiots; they will only bring you down to their level This would be so awesome. It would be more expensive with the extra "stuff" and still not allowed in the open bike class because at only CC less than ait would be too fast to the first turn, too light and therefore illegal.

People who are intolerant of others because of their choice of motor type … and 4 strokes! It's funny how they used to have a class, and now have s racing supey that are powerful enough to jump out of the stadium, yet it is limited to cc 2 strokes. GuyB wrote:. Yup, history repeats itself. Except the class has been killed off already so where do we go from here?

KX350 2-Stroke w/FI? Is this real!?!

Well, they certainly can be. But for the best SX riders there are? What I'm for, is Equivalency. It won't lead to 2t domination, it would just, perhaps, lead to a bit of diversity. Any manufacturer to make such a bike as the Kawasaki above, or the "YZ" brochure mock up in the WR thread, I thinkcould find themselves with a good seller.

In the 70s we had a class in MX that had a variety of capacities used, by various manufacturers. With Equivalency, we could have a bit of diversity back. Sure, most things lead to 'sameness', in terms of engine development, but you might just see a bit of diversity in that 'sameness', with 2ts and 4ts going head to head in highest level racing.

There's a Slim chance of Moose Can trying a again next year, but, you never know. But no, we can't have that, can we? SX has become such a 'production' in and of itself, you'd not get any manufacturer dropping out of it if equivalency was granted. Unless they wanted to really shoot themselves in the foot. Hell, direct manufacturer teams are really not needed.

Steve Stackable - last cc SX champ on a Maico? That's about yours and my teen age years time, GuyB. How cool would it be if they changed the class to s only, and the class to four strokes only?

kawasaki 350 2 stroke

Call the oems, tell them the new size is and they need one by and that they can suck it if they don't like it. Yes I live in a dream world. It'll never happen for obvious reasons but it would be great IMO.Always wear a helmet, eye protection and proper apparel. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Please provide the username or email address that you used when you signed up for your My Kawasaki account.

Dealer sets the actual destination charge, your price may vary. Click on product to zoom. Lime Green. Bore x Stroke. Compression Ratio. Fuel System. Final Drive. Front Tire. Rear Tire. Front Brakes. Rear Brakes. Frame Type.

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Overall Length. Overall Width. Overall Height. Ground Clearance. Seat Height. Curb Weight.

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Fuel Capacity. Color Choices. Specifications subject to change. Science of Supercross Engineered by Kawasaki — Episode 41 vs. Shop ALL accessories. Shop this vehicle's accessories. All trademarks, registered trademarks, logos, and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Video Title Video Description Share.

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kawasaki 350 2 stroke

An email will be sent to you shortly. No account found with that email address.That said, the Bighorn was a very successful platform in dirt oval racing and road racing where long travel suspension was not needed. Today, the Bighorn is easily one of the most under-rated and overlooked high-performance vintage machines around. The rotary-valve engine design gave the Bighorn a huge horsepower advantage over other two-strokes of the day, and Bighorns often ran just as fast as 4stroke machines twice their displacement.

The large production run of the Bighorns from has resulted in a plentiful supply of affordable restoration candidates. In addition, there is an abundance of affordable spare parts available on Ebay and other sites. The Bighorn easily offers more high-performance bang for the buck than any other lightweight vintage two-stroke platform.

With a twist. Our Bighorns would be built to excel at high performance street riding and Vintage Class road racing. We spent almost a year testing and developing the prototype, and then built two identical machines for street and racing use. Our goal was to have a fast, affordable, low maintenance, machine that offers secure handling at all speeds. While these machines would need octane race fuel for the sustained high rpm use of road racing, we developed them to run reliably on octane during street use.

All our competitors were younger a lotlighter a lotand better skilled than us. Despite that, our Bighorns were never once beaten in 2 years of racing by any other machine in the class. In we took the Bighorns to the ft. While we were not road racing the Bighorns, we regularly rode them on weekends and at classic bike events. It is the purpose of this document to outline the buildup of these 21 st century Bighorns.

All these versions can be reliable street bikes, but they do have different racing abilities. Our terms for these different level machines are as follows:. It runs reliably on 91 octane unleaded fuel, and is well suited for commuting as well as general sport riding. While race fuel is needed for road racing use, it can easily run on 91 octane for day to day riding.

It offers strong high range power to speeds just over mph, as well as stable and secure high speed handling characteristics. Like the sport-cafe, it runs high-octane for racing, and octane for street use. While it can be run on octane fuel for casual street outings, it does require higher octane fuels for more aggressive street-riding and road racing situations. With respect to the engines, here are the general tech parameters.Make Kawasaki. Model S2.

Left muffler has a scratch by the shifter. Center muffler has a small dent on the underside. Right muffler has a scratch on right towards the back. They are kept on the bike as collectors prefer originals. Clean title. For more information, call John Here we have a Triple Triple package for restoration and or completion.

1972 Kawasaki 350 Triple Motorcycles for sale

The painted frame among all the parts is a KH The frame number is S3F and the engine number is so very very close S3E That is 83 digits apart and it qualifies this bike as a matching number machine.

The frame is also painted as stated. The motor with no top end is a S1B motor and that number is S1E I included a couple of extra cylinders and a head or two as well to assist in the building of the second motor and you will also see the second set of carbs in the pics The frame that stands alone is a S3A and the serial number on the frame is as follows S3F What you see is what i have and what you get and i wish you all the best of luck.

I have a Kawasaki s2 triple perfect for restoration or easy to get running with the vintage look. Bike needs carbs gone through, point tune up, new tires and a few minor things to run. Also included is tons of extra parts and rebuild kits. Extra oem parts for these bike can be sold at a premium. Also included in a fork seal kit, point tune up kit, gasket set and more.

Can email or text for more information. Bike has clean az title. Bought bike with aspirations of fixing it up but I am currently in the middle of rebuilding a Suzuki t and don't need another project sitting in the corner.

2020 Kawasaki Announced KX350FI 2-Stroke Fuel Injected

Your chance to get a classic 2 stroke and make it your own. Model S2 Triple. This bike is mostly restored and runs and rides great! Clean title in hand.The entire lineup returns for with models to build future champions. As a result, Kawasaki has relied on the aspiring young stars to provide input and to help develop winning products across its lineup.

Amateur racers purchasing a Kawasaki KX motocross bike can gain access to the same support received by champions such as Jeremy McGrath and Ryan Villopoto. Utilizing the Team Green racing program, a trackside support system consisting of more than 50 local, regional, and amateur motocross and off-road events across the country has been put in place.

kawasaki 350 2 stroke

There, Kawasaki technicians and race transporters can be found with critical parts and technical assistance to all riders. Backed by winning performance from Kawasaki Team Green, the KX has been a natural step for the riders who are looking to make the transition from the 85cc class to a full-size motocross bike. A large capacity radiator helps maintain operating temperatures, even during competition. Just like its siblings in the KX lineup, the chassis of the KX motorcycle is prepared for a variety of terrain, with 36mm inverted front forks with way adjustable compression damping and Embedded with the performance and winning technology of the KX lineup, the KX85 relies on its instantaneous power, nimble handling, and factory-race inspired styling to reach the checkered flag first.

Championship performance requires power and reliability, which is exactly why the KX85 stands above the competition. The durability and reliability the KX models are known for creating a dependable platform for starting off in racing. Featuring a six-speed transmission, race-ready engine, strong stopping power, and superb handling, the KX65 grooms champions. Its liquid-cooled, two-stroke 65cc engine and light weight chassis delivers strong controllable power and exceptional handling that is the ultimate recipe for winning races.

The five models consist of two engine configurations and are built to suit a variety of riders. The powerful cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine features an electric starter and keyless ignition.

kawasaki 350 2 stroke

Its broad and smooth high-revving cc engine utilizes a manual clutch and 5-speed transmission to offer an efficient and user-friendly feel. The clutch features a spring damper resulting in a progressive, 2-stage engagement that facilitates half-clutch use when riding at extremely low rpm or idling speeds. The chassis consists of a rigid box section steel perimeter frame that is shared on each of the models for excellent handling characteristics, as well as a lightweight aluminum swingarm.

Additional travel can be found on the rear of the KLXG 7. The KX influence continues with the wheels, which have strong die-cast hubs and lightweight aluminum rims. A high-tensile steel frame, 30mm telescopic fork, and single rear shock provide easy handling and maximum longevity.Make Kawasaki. I have a Kawasaki s2 triple perfect for restoration or easy to get running with the vintage look. Bike needs carbs gone through, point tune up, new tires and a few minor things to run. Also included is tons of extra parts and rebuild kits.

Extra oem parts for these bike can be sold at a premium.

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Also included in a fork seal kit, point tune up kit, gasket set and more. Can email or text for more information. Bike has clean az title. Bought bike with aspirations of fixing it up but I am currently in the middle of rebuilding a Suzuki t and don't need another project sitting in the corner. Your chance to get a classic 2 stroke and make it your own.

Model S2 Triple. This bike is mostly restored and runs and rides great! Clean title in hand. Now I don't have a good place to store it or enough time to ride it, so it's time to pass it on to someone else who loves the classics.

Odometer reads 2xxx miles, but I've put less than miles on the bike since full engine rebuild and restoration. Brand new battery just installed. The bike was fully torn down to frame during restoration.

The frame and all black metal parts were sandblasted down to bare metal and powder coated with modern coating. Engine covers powder coated with silver powder coat. Red painted parts were painted with high end automotive paint. Engine was fully rebuilt during restoration with new Wossner pistons and rings, cylinders bored and honed to match the new pistons and crankshaft rebuilt in California with new seals by one of the leading machinists who specializes in these old two-strokes.

1972 Kawasaki Mach IV H2 Triple | TWO-STROKES!

Restoration notes: the engine is from a S2A identical engine to the S2completely rebuilt as described above. Some of the fasteners nuts, bolts, screws, etc currently have surface rust, as these are the parts that deteriorate rapidly and I did not replace most of them during restoration. Red paint is slightly darker than stock.

Dirt Shark: TwoMac Ft. Eli Tomac on Two Stroke

Make Honda. Model CB. Subsequently, we made the decision to run a different class next year, so are selling the CB as a turnkey roller, with the engine out, ready for rebuild. The engine was running fine, if somewhat down on power for the class, but we still managed to get a 9th and 7th in a field of Heavy duty chain adjusters and new chain. Tapered roller bearings in the triple clamp, plus steering dampner.

Extra rear hub included from an SL to convert to cable brake if desired. Tires only have one weekend from new, and are Avon vintage race tires. Slight weeping on the right leg, so needs new seals. Cam is a Megacycle Constant loss electrical system with a low battery mounting box and quick disconnect.

MISC: All safety wiring was done, so everything is drilled and either already wired ready to be rewired.And Yamaha? Besides a smorgasbord of small-bore bikes from Italy, England and Germany, there was a full plate of small bikes available from Japan, including Yamaha. ByYamaha had emerged as one of the leading Japanese motorcycle makers, behind Honda but ahead of Kawasaki and Suzuki. While Honda continued to embrace the 4-stroke ideal, Yamaha, like its other Rising Sun rivals, was still putting most of its faith in 2-stroke technology.

That was followed a year later with the all new YR1 Grand Prix, whose short-stroke cc twin benefited heavily from lessons learned on the track, and finally, inthe YR5, or the Yamaha R5 as it was known in the states. For the average rider, this was a huge improvement. Gone were the days of having to rev the engine to a scream before slipping the clutch to achieve any sort of smooth, low-speed take-off — or to pull cleanly once on the move.

Yet with the throttle cracked wide open it would run as fast as bikes twice its size. Get the revs up over four grand, and the R5 became a different machine — and it produced performance numbers to prove it, consistently running the quarter mile in the low 14 second range. The chassis is absolutely rock steady.

So much so that the rider gets a distinct impression that the wheels are running in a slot. Although no featherweight, at pounds dry it was hardly a porker.

And with a relatively short So much so the folks at Cycle World found themselves wishing Yamaha would stretch the bike out a bit to help keep the front end on the ground. Testers hardly complained, and in fact asserted that an electric starter would be wasted on the R5, given its propensity to fire easily and immediately first time every time, regardless of conditions. Power was routed through a slick-shifting 5-speed transmission universally praised for short, precise shift throws, while a twin-leading-shoe drum brake up front and single-leading-shoe drum in back pulled the R5 to a stop.

Yamaha wisely changed little on the R5 during its three-year production. With the exception of a larger taillight for and different color options, the R5 was the same as the model. As fast as the market was changing, Yamaha still appreciated the value of continuity.

True, body parts are getting hard to find, but growing interest in the model coupled with a surprisingly high survivorship mean you can usually find whatever parts you need to keep your incher on the road.

When Honda introduced the new for Honda CB and its CL Scrambler variant at its annual dealer convention, every single dealer stood up and applauded. And not just because they liked how it looked; they could see instantly that this was a bike that would make them money, and lots of it. The CB was a truly modern machine.

Instead of the ring-dingy and smoky 2-stroke found in most small bikes, the had a positively exquisite OHC 4-stroke twin that redlined at an incredible 10,rpm — and it would do so willingly — yet would pull happily almost from idle. The CB provided cheap but sophisticated power for the masses, and buyers flocked to Honda dealers. Over a six-year production run, more thanCBs rolled out of Honda dealerships and onto the highways and byways of the U.

Outside of the expected yearly color options, Honda changed little on the Transmission gear ratios were subtly altered for with wider and more even spacing between gears, and the redline was brought down to 9,rpm, a belated recognition of the fact that many riders were routinely over-revving the twin. A disc front brake came inbut otherwise Honda left the alone. Better known as a tire manufacturer, Japanese Bridgestone first got into the motorcycle game in Developed specifically for U.

Performance on the strip and the street was impressive, with quarter-mile times in the low 14s and a top speed of around 95mph from the rubber-mounted 37hp 2-stroke twin. Technical innovations included aluminum cylinders with hard chrome facing for tighter tolerances and a 6-speed gearbox.

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GTR owners also had the unique option of swapping the shift lever and rear brake lever to give left or right gear change. The story goes that Bridgestone was eventually pressed out of the motorcycle business by Honda, who suggested the company should decide if it was more profitable to keep supplying Honda tires or building motorcycles.

A combination of relative rarity there were only around 9, made and high owner loyalty have kept prices relatively high.